Nu på lördag i kungsträdgården

det är em-fest (läs: tv4-jippo) i kungsträdgården och på måndag åker jag till usa. kom och kramas, titta på fotboll, heja, kalasa, dansa, trixa, fixa, osv. det vore kul att ses innan jag åker!

saxat från info om em-festen på lördag:
Öppettiderna för EM-festen är 11.00 – 24.00.

12:00 Utmana allsvenska spelare i fotbollskunskap och teknik
12.30 Reprisering av gårdagens match på storbildsskärmen
14.15 Lattjo Lajban med Mallan och Jojo som spelar Staraoke med barnen
15.00 Gästframträdande av Frida
16:00 Ungefär här tänkte jag att vi skulle börja ses?
16.30 Talang med Peppe Eng
17.00 Fotbollsfrågesport. Segraren vinner biljetter till EM
18.00 Sverige-Spanien visas på storbildsskärmen
20.00 Gästframträdande av Robert Wells
20.45 Grekland-Ryssland visas på storbildsskärmen
22.45 Livemusik på scen
23.00-24.00 Fotbollskanalen: EM-magasinet med Peter Jihde sänds på storbildsskärmen
??:?? Vi hänger så länge vi bara kan!


recipe for a successful day
this made my morning. fredrik recited it from memory :D

recipe for a successful day

one cup of kind words
two brimming cups of understanding
four teaspoons of time and patience
one dash of warm personality
a sprinkle of humor

religious handouts just keep getting better.

gröndals café
best café


play! music

so, after stepping on my brand new skypephone while stumbling out of the shower, it was sent for repairs and came back a while ago. yay! but all this switching of phones and firmwares and whatnot has left me without content on the phone. a lack of numbers and pictures and music! numbers i can figure out usually, so that's not a big problem. pictures i put there on my own :D and music.. well i made some and i figured it could be interesting to others as well, so this is what i did:

1. found some music that i like, that i thought "hey, this would be neat as a ringtone/alarm signal/etc" about
2. fire up audacity and select a ~1 minute part of the song
3. export as mp3 and move it over to the phone
4. ???
5. downloads! :D (you thought i was going to say profit, didn't you? shame on you)

(or you could go to: )

cubismo grafico - ave maria
devolve - can i have it like that sweet child of mine
dizzee rascal - stand up tall
example - so many roads
example - you cant rap
familjen - det snurrar i min skalle
final fantasy - this lamb sells condos
final fantasy - this modern love cover
hellogoodbye - i saw it on your keyboard
imogen heap - hide and seek
jack johnson - better together
jack johnson - sitting waiting wishing
jamie t - if you got the money
jamie t - so lonely was the ballad
justice - dance
kate nash - merry happy
kate nash - pumpkin soup
kings of convenience - id rather dance with you
maskinen - alla som inte dansar
my darling you - please dont talk to me remix
owl city - designer skyline
owl city - hello seattle
paris hilton - screwed
perfume - game
playradioplay - mr brightside
regina spektor - better
regina spektor - fidelity
regina spektor - on the radio
the streets - could well be in
the streets - dreams
the streets - empty cans
to my boy - eureka
vapnet - kalla mig

gosh, livejournal. don't be such a bitch about letting me use javascript.


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